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She was not released until, when Henry died and their second son, Richard the Lionheart, ascended the throne. Louis gave the vase to the Basilica of St Denis. Historical fiction author Elizabeth Chadwick wrote a three-volume series about Eleanor; The Summer Queen (2013 The Winter Crown (2014) and The Autumn Throne (2016). When she was around 30, Bernard de Ventadour, a noted troubadour, called her "gracious, lovely, the embodiment of charm extolling her "lovely eyes and noble countenance" and declaring that she was "one meet to crown the state of any king." William of Newburgh emphasized the. The French royal family retreated to Jerusalem and then sailed to Rome and made their way back to Paris. Appearance edit Contemporary sources praise Eleanor's beauty. Christmas was celebrated at the royal court there, and she appears to have agreed to a separation from Henry. It is certain that by late 1166, Henry's notorious affair with Rosamund Clifford had become known, and Eleanor's marriage to Henry appears to have become terminally strained. This was duly lifted for long enough to allow Theobald's lands to be restored; it was then lowered once more when Raoul refused to repudiate Petronilla, prompting Louis to return to Champagne and ravage it once more.


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Henry fathered other, illegitimate children throughout the marriage. In Paris as the queen of France she was called Helienordis, her honorific name as written in the Latin epistles. John instructed his mother to travel to Castile to select one of the princesses.

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